Video on demand, how does it work?

Appeared a few years ago, video on demand, also called VOD, is offered by many Internet and telephone operators. This is a service that allows you to order and watch a video online, when desired, through a paid system. Subscription offers also exist, such as Netflix, but most of the time, you only have to pay for the video session at the unit to watch a movie for 24 hours.

Do you know how to write an email?

No, we do not take you for a ham! To ensure that your emails are well understood and especially that you answer, some rules of the art are never useless to remember ... The proof with these 10 tips of the good use of the messaging. No capital letters You write all in capital letters, in the hope that it makes reading easier.

This museum will put you on the feces!

During the Easter weekend, some went on a chocolate hunt, but some of our English neighbors chose to visit the brand new National Poo Museum, in other words the National Poach Museum. We pinch (nose) to believe it, but it's not a joke. According to the designers of the place, if feces are part of the everyday life of every living being on this earth and participate in the life of our ecosystem (yes!

Choose your server according to your appetite

If there is almost always a small place for dessert, sometimes it is guilt to increase the caloric addition after having engulfed a steak-fries. Researchers have found the solution to finish on a sweet touch without feeling any remorse. It would be enough to choose an overweight server.

Getting married ... just for the photo

Why convoler in 2016? To organize a beautiful party, pay less taxes or solemnly commit ... Well more only. In recent days, the famous Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani gives us an additional reason to unite us. He invites us for pleasure and (a little) for glory, to come and say yes to his goal!

5 mascaras blow of bluff

It is the favorite beauty product of women. We tested for you 5 novelties that lengthen, enhance and sublimate eyelashes. Multi-effects: Mascara The Little Black Dress, Guerlain, 31 €. For who ? Those who want to sculpt and redefine their eyelashes to open their eyes. WE love. Its brush 2 in 1, whose head has a spiked ball, allows to work well roots and short eyelashes to offer them a good definition.