How to make a screenshot?

It is common to find yourself in a situation where you would like to print what you see on the screen, whether it is an image that you can not record or information to remember, without it being possible. The screenshot is just made for these cases: it is an easy handling that must absolutely be mastered!

What is private browsing?

You have planned a surprise romantic evening with your other half, but are you worried that she will find out about your internet history? No problem, just use private browsing. Convenient in many cases, this option is now available on most internet browsers.

At Picasso, as if you were there

You missed the beautiful documentary series Adventurers of Modern Art on Arte at the end of last week? Do not panic ! Rush on your tablet or computer to watch: it is available in Replay for another three to five days (depending on the episodes).

To live happily, drink together!

To make your relationship last, drink together. Or do not drink. But together too. It's the science that says it! A study published by the very serious Journals of gerontology B: psychology science says it anyway. Couples over 50 years the strongest and most harmonious have a synchronous alcohol consumption.

Sexo: he had never asked me that ...

We thought we knew our man by heart and now, for some time, he has new queries under the duvet. What's happening to him ? And above all, how to react? While he always loved the quiet sex in the bedroom, our lover now offers the boot in unexpected places.

15 days to become a pastry chef

To polish your family thanks to a homemade dessert worthy of a great chef, it's possible! A MOOC offers Internet users today to learn how to cook the great classics of French pastry. Paris-Brest, Opera, mille-feuilles, mousses or the famous Christmas log ... 15 sweet recipes are for the second consecutive year proposed by the Afpa (Association for Adult Vocational Training).