Around the world in more than 80 days

You have three months in front of you, a little money and want to cast off? So, you're ready for a "world tour" cruise. A luxury that is becoming more and more accessible. Costa, the giant of comfortable liners (and grandiloquence assumed), has returned to these long-term routes for five years. One of its last flagships, the Luminosa (1,130 cabins, 4 restaurants, 11 bars, 3 swimming pools!), Lifted anchor from Marseille on September 15th. Next departure from the Phocaean city: January 7, for 107 days of sea passing through Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, Easter Island, Bora Bora, Sydney, Mumbai, Dubai. And we're going.

Advantages ? Unlike Phileas Fogg, the hero of Jules Verne, we do not race against the clock. We take our time. We enjoy the entertainment on board, increasingly rich, with shows worthy of Broadway and state-of-the-art spa. We visit the largest cities and the most beautiful beaches on the planet without ever having to re-pack. We do not cook for three months, since full board is included. All for 123 € to 180 € per night and per person, a rate that also includes some excursions and wine at the table. Or just more expensive than a nice hotel.

If you prefer the hushed atmosphere of English chic, with tea and scones brought by waiters in white gloves, Cunard direction. The British company organizes three cruises around the globe per year (from € 150 to € 300 per person per night, excluding drinks and excursions). Admittedly, it's a budget: from 13 000 € to more than 30 000 € in total. But the call of the open sea is so tempting ...

Video: Around the World in 80 Days (January 2020).


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