Help, we take my car to the pound!

Aie! You parked by accident outside the exit of a garage. And when you return, you find that your vehicle is threatening to be removed.

If your car still has four wheels on the groundyou arrive on time and can recover it immediately (article R. 325-12,17 and 38 of the Highway Code). Conditions? Clear the public road and pay the ticket on the spot. In addition to the fine - up to 135 euros for a very inconvenient parking - you will have to pay 15,20 € for the "preliminary operations" (plus 7,60 € if a shoe had been placed). Attention, if the crane truck is already there, you will pay the cost of removal, or 150 euros (Paris), 126 euros (Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse) or 117 euros (elsewhere) at most.

If your car only has two wheels on the ground, this is the tile. The impoundment has started and you can not stop it anymore. According to Article L. 325-3-1 of the Highway Code, interposing you could be worth three months imprisonment, 3,750 euros fine and a withdrawal of six points (three for young drivers)! To recover your vehicle, you must go to the pound concerned. Consolation? The driver of the truck will tell you the destination!

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