Art or crochet?

There is no age for street art. And the hook is not necessarily a sofa activity. That's the lesson Grace Brett, a 104-year-old Scottish girl, has given us to redecorate her city with woolen works made by agile hands. Telephone booths, benches, mailboxes, bridge guardrails, and 46 sites in the town have taken a welcome color under the often gray skies of Scotland. The old lady was not alone, supported by the Souter Stormers, a commando of granny knitters who were even invited to the Yes Arts Festival. "I thought it was a very good idea to decorate the city and I liked the idea that my hook is part of the project, I love to see my work alongside those of other people and I I found that the city was very pretty like that, "said the centennial artist to the press on this occasion. The work of Grace and the Souter Stormers is inspired by that of Olek, a contemporary artist who also makes crochet installations. But Olek was not even born that Grace was already hooking around. "All her life she has knitted, and she always takes care of knitting for babies and shawls," says her daughter. The consecration is therefore late, but well deserved.

Video: Of A Different Yarn: The Crochet Artist. Unusual Suspects. CNA Insider (January 2020).


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