The broken glass bridge

Oops! Two weeks after its inauguration, the glass suspension bridge at Shiniuzhai Geopark National Park in Hunan, China, has already cracked. The walkers who borrowed it on October 5 discovered with horror that one of the panels, yet reputed 25 times more resistant than conventional glass, was already broken. According to the local tourism office, the fall of a steel mug would be the cause of the deterioration. Since then, the building has been closed to the public.

The Haohian Qiao - literally "hero's bridge" - promised however all the chills since it was fully vitrified (only a small section existed until then). Located 180 meters above the void, he unrolls his transparent ribbon over 300 meters between two canyons. People prone to vertigo abstain! The first curious to have borrowed the deck relooked have sometimes ended on all fours, as can be seen in the video below, published by our colleagues Le Figaro.

The crack will perhaps calm the ardor of tourists. Even though bridges and transparent platforms are becoming more and more popular. We can also try to scare the Aiguille du Midi, on the heights of Chamonix, in a fully glazed cabin with 1,000 meters of vacuum under his feet. Or in London, as a "little player", using the translucent bed of the Tower Bridge, 42 meters above the Thames.

Video: China Glass Bridge - Crack Effect (January 2020).


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