How big is your intelligence?

Would scientists have overestimated the supposed link between the size of our brain and our intellectual performance? A new study, coordinated by researchers at the University of Vienna, has shown that human intelligence is less related to the size of the brain than to the way it is structured.

"The arrangement of the cortex, midbrain and cerebellum and the good connection of white matter and gray matter are much more important than the size of the brain mass itself," says Jakob Pietschnig, researcher in cognitive science. , who led the project. His team synthesized 88 studies on the subject and analyzed more than 8,000 cases. Results: Those with the largest brains score lower on intelligence tests than others. And men, who usually have a bigger brain than women, have not demonstrated more advanced cognitive abilities! To have the big head, so it's really useless ...

Source: Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews

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