Tutankhamen goes to the barber

What an idea, too, to play "I hold you, you hold me by the goatee" with a pharaoh! Now Tutankhamun's beard needs to be put back in place. And it's not an easy task. The facts: In 2014, employees of the Cairo Museum released the most famous mask in the world from its window to redo the interior lighting. The sequel, Pierre Richard himself would not have dared to dream. The treasure escapes their hands and takes a shock. Tutankhamun's beard is broken. It's a catastrophe ! The apocalypse ! The end of the world ! Panicked at the idea of ​​being quartered in public for this blunder, one of the culprits decides to pick up the attribute with epoxy glue, a hyper strong glue sold in the trade. Obviously, the result is a pure crap and the package of the andouille quickly discovered.

Revealed at the beginning of the year 2015, the case quickly takes proportions to the height of the value of the damaged object: invaluable. The Ministry of Antiquities is being sued for "mismanagement" by an Egyptian heritage advocacy organization that speaks of "carnage". We must act. A catering company is decided. Since October, under the direction of the German conservative Christian Eckerman, the mask which had remained intact during 3300 years is the object of care of an extreme meticulousness. The task promises to be complex: the glue used by the Egyptian Pierre Richard is impossible to dissolve. It must be scratched with infinite precautions so as not to further damage the mask. In other words, the team in charge of the restoration works under pressure. But Eckerman, as a true scientist, sees it as an opportunity "to study in depth the materials used" three millennia ago. In any case, the care of beard will take time. These operations, which promise a little razor, should last at least until the end of the year believe the Egyptian authorities.

Video: Revenue Records Presents: King at Harlems Barbershop in Germany W (January 2020).


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