The SMS, new masterpiece?

"slt cv? m jvb" ("Hi I'm fine, I'm fine"). If we are far from abbreviations of teens and their hundreds of virtual exchanges per day, the SMS is now used by all, regardless of age. So much so that it inspires new creative formats ...

A new web series, called "Ploup", even gives them the lead in their 23 episodes of 4 minutes. This humorous minification is entirely made from chat conversations, in other words instant exchanges. The objective of the series: to show that instant messages, supposed to facilitate exchanges, often do not complicate them and give rise to misunderstandings that make us smile and are reminiscent of some personal experiences! You can watch it online on the Creative Arte website, follow it on social networks or receive it every day on your smartphone (provided you have the "Whatsapp" app). Go for it, for a parenthesis 100% good mood.

We smile a little less when we learn that we can now have his own book printed from his SMS exchanges (from 15 euros for 420 SMS on Our daily conversations via smartphone really worth to be printed frankly?

Video: MASTERPIECE KING - NIMEKUBALI official 4k Video sms SKIZA 9046538 TO 811 (January 2020).


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