Jumping is won

Playing hopscotch every day with grandchildren protects against fractures (in the long run at least). This is what scientists from the University of Loughborough (United Kingdom) have just shown. They studied men aged 65 to 80 (yes, they too are affected by osteoporosis) for a year. Those who had practiced for two minutes each day the hopping program concocted by the researchers (which we do not really know the detail, we admit) saw their bone density increase, especially in the parts of the bones most at risk of fracture. . "We wanted to test a form of exercise that is both easy and quick to practice at home," says Dr. Sarah Alison, who conducted this study. Dr. Katherine Brook-Wavell, a principal investigator at Loughborough University, has some reservations: "It is important to practice carefully because a fall could cause a fracture in anyone with fragile bones".

The study nevertheless confirms the interest of a regular practice of physical activities called "in charge", such as climbing stairs, walking, running, doing step ... They are the ones who exert a protective effect from a bone point of view . As long as you motivate yourself every day: the benefits do not last when the practice stops. In everyday life, if the skipping rope or hopscotch discourages you (we understand you!), Opt for active walking: 30 minutes five times a week, or 1 hour three times a week, are recommended to make old bones.

See also lifting dumbbells, it muscle memory!

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