Lift dumbbells, it muscle memory!

To maintain our brain, lifting light weights twice a week would be effective. This is the surprising result of a very serious study conducted by Teresa Liu-Ambrose, Director of the Age, Mobility and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada .

The goal of the scientist and her team is to determine which sport is beneficial to white matter, a part of our nervous system that is damaged by aging, causing cognitive impairment, such as memory loss.

She followed 155 women aged 65 to 75 for one year. Some had to engage in a rather unexpected physical activity at this age: lift weights, with one or two weekly sessions. The women in the control group were trained in stretching and balancing exercises.

Results: The scans of participants who dumbbelled twice a week showed a lesser reduction in white matter than those who trained once a week or did simple stretching. By strengthening and developing muscles, weightlifting would help keep a young brain (and body). Come on, all at the gym!

Source: Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

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