Say thanks for making the pleasure last

The "I love you", the "my darling" and all other words of love are not necessarily enough to maintain the flame in a couple. We must also know how to say thank you. This is revealed by an American study published a few days ago in the journal Personal Relationships.

Researchers asked 468 married people about their financial comfort, how they communicate during a crisis, and how they express their gratitude to their spouse. It appears that this last criterion is the most important to prolong the marriage and reduce the risks of divorce. Just that ! "Marital gratitude" includes not only thanking the other when it tries to please us - even if it would have been better to buy flowers rather than an iron - but also to value it and recognize his efforts. The more it is used, the more it would counterbalance the negative effects of the stress of living together. "What distinguishes marriages that last from others is not (lesserand the fact that disputes do not prevent spouses from paying attention to each other on a daily basis, "says Ted Futris, co-author of the study. to have so many beneficial effects in the long term, it would be wrong to deprive oneself, right?

Video: DO NOT say "you're welcome"! Respond to "thank you" PROPERLY! (January 2020).


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