The harmonica of space

This small harmonica (finally, its reissue) returns from very far. Space more precisely ... And that's what we like. On December 16, 1965, the US space base suddenly received a strange call from the captain of the orbital mission Gemini 6: "Hello Houston, here Gemini 6, unidentified object in sight, it looks like a satellite and moves from north to south ... We will try to intercept it. The voice was lost in a hiss, soon replaced by some notes of music: Jingle bells, the air that every American hums at Christmas time. The crew had brought a musical instrument into space, unbeknownst to the engineers who remained on Earth, who listened dumbfounded to this melody sinking 200 kilometers from the ground. It came from a Little Lady, the smallest harmonica in the world, edited by the German company Hohner, which became the first musical instrument to have sounded in space. To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of this event, the manufacturer has decided to republish the object. The size of a USB stick (3.5 cm long), the miniature harmonica clings to a keychain. Its four holes allow to play eight notes (on a register of an octave), so melodies such as "Love me do" of the Beatles, the theme of "Spring" in the Four Seasons of Vivaldi or the credits of Batman. A musical concentrate for 14.90 euros.

Video: Taylor Swift - Blank Space Aiden N Evelyn harmonica cover (January 2020).


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