Income Tax Return: Final Straight

Last line to return your income tax return. Instructions for those who are a bit lost ...

Upon receipt of the paper declaration

Last straight line to complete your income tax paper return. It must be returned signed before May 29 at midnight. The persons concerned imposed on the first tax bracket will have no action to take. The tax reduction will be automatically calculated and will appear on the tax notice. However, other information requires special attention.

Taxpayers are invited to check the information indicated on the document: civil status, address, family status. The amount of pre-filled income obviously deserves special attention to verify whether these data are accurate.

In case of error, the taxpayer is willing to correct the data in the boxes provided for this purpose, without sending any supporting documents. Also, the deductible expenses are to be indicated on the document. Once completed, the paper declaration must be signed and sent to the tax office no later than May 29 at midnight.

If the pre-filled amount of a taxpayer's income is not corrected while it is less than the actual income, the tax authorities will contact the taxpayer in question at the end of the year. In the opposite situation, consumers can still claim a rebate upon receipt of the tax notice.

Income Taxes: Online statement is open

The teledeclaration is open since Monday, April 27th. The first steps of verification and validation are the same as for those who wish to return their income tax return by mail. However, the persons concerned must have their three identifiers: their filer number, tax number and reference tax income as shown on the latest tax notice.

The deadlines for submitting electronic declarations are based on the area of ​​residence, selected for school holidays. Thus, the inhabitants of zone A have until Thursday 11 June at midnight to take the steps on the Internet, zone B and Corsica until Thursday, June 25Finally, Zone C and the Overseas Departments until Thursday, June 18th at midnight.

Affected individuals will be able to report their income this year from any computer, without requiring a certificate. If there is no change to make, only three clicks suffice. Once the remote declaration has been completed, an acknowledgment of receipt is sent to the recipient concerned.

Those who declare for the first time on the Internet will benefit from a tax reduction of 20 euros. To benefit from this measure, it is also necessary to choose a modern means of payment, ie online payment, monthly payment or the payment at maturity.

This year, teledéclarants will be able to opt out of receiving paper copies of their tax return as of 2010. A simple letter with identifiers will be sent in this case.

Taxes on income: the telephone declaration

Taxpayers can also use the telephone to validate their tax return. They will not be able to dial 0 811 701 702 only if their pre-filled document does not require correction or supplement. Again, data subjects will need a self-reporting number and a tax number.

Income taxes: first statement, how to do?

There are two cases:

- or you will receive directly from your tax center a blank declaration sheet. You can then return your statement in writing or register to declare online (and benefit from the 20 euros offered). To do this, you must have your self-identification number and tax number on your paper return. For the reference tax income, simply enter 0.

- or you do not receive a blank statement from your tax office. You must then obtain a blank tax return, printed no. 2042, by downloading it on the website from May 11, 2009 or by withdrawing it in a tax center.

Do you have a question? Check with your tax office or visit the Tax FAQ.

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