10 tips for a healthy pregnancy!

Hydrate well, move painlessly in the back or lower abdomen, practice lateral Pilates, avoid frustration ... During pregnancy, we continue to move, eat properly and feel good in his sneakers. Check out the advice of Justine Andanson, a famous fit-mum.

Justine Andanson, author of Fit Mum, tonic and fit during pregnancy (Solar Editions) is a mother of two, and shares with her community her tips and tricks for a healthy pregnancy and a fulfilling motherhood.

For the young woman, a pregnant woman must continue to move, at her own pace and with the agreement of her doctor of course, not only to do good, psychologically and physically, but also to do good for her baby.

In order to stick to it, planning an appointment in one's diary, as is done for appointments with the gynecologist for example, is essential.

And to motivate yourself, nothing better than investing in a nice sports outfit. Many women are unaware of this, but many brands offer sports leggings, bras, and other appropriate clothing for the pregnant woman.

Discover 10 tips for a healthy pregnancy!

Thanks to Justine Andanson, author of Fit Mum, tonic & fit during pregnancy, Editions Solar.


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