How old is my heart?

In your opinion, how old is your heart? Funny question, you'll tell me. If we know that tobacco, stress or overweight accelerate the aging of this muscle, difficult to know precisely its heart age. However, researchers have defined that of Americans, thanks to data (blood pressure, the number of cigarettes smoked, weight, presence of diabetes, etc.) from the 50 states and the base Framingham Heart Study that dates back to 1948. The result: 3 out of 4 would have an older heart than their actual age. Women fare better than men: on average, their heart is 5.4 years older, compared to 8 years for these gentlemen.

So, you still want to know? If you speak Shakespeare's language, visit (the site of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to evaluate yours in less than a minute!

The results of the researchers want to deliberately scare us and push us to wise resolutions. Because, according to them, as long as we do not see any problem (example: shortness of breath, stroke ...), we do not get alarmed ... And it seems that it works. A similar study conducted a few months ago in Great Britain with the Heart Age Calculator, showed that four times as many smokers quit after knowing their age than a control group.

* according to a report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Video: How Old Is Your Heart? Heart Risk Assessment from Texas Health Resources (January 2020).


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