Wedding: chic outfit ideas for guests

The wedding season is approaching, with the endless puzzle "But what am I going to be able to put?". Do not panic, here are some chic ideas to poke at the heart of new collections.

"Nice party ... but how am I going to dress?" Admit it: the announcement of a wedding is both anguish but also a pretext all found to go on a shopping mission and crack for some trendy accessories.
The choice of dress depends obviously on the form of the wedding celebrated: civil or religious ceremony, party in small committee or big bourgeois raût, date fixed in the month of May or the month of August: one must be able to take into account all these parameters . We will not dress in the same way for a ceremony celebrated at the end of March at the Mayor of Lyon than for a party held in the middle of summer in the countryside.
In terms of elegance, nothing can replace the dress. A pretty black blazer on a colorful or printed dress that is usually worn in the office and the case is in the bag! But for those who prefer, nothing prevents you from landing in pants.
Even jeans are no longer excluded, provided however to choose it in a simple cut and a raw canvas, to accompany him with shoes with heels, to accessorize with jewels and / or to wear it with a top that in throws. The important thing is to look after the pace, to multiply the elegant accessories: hats and capelines; pockets rather than wallets and jewels galore.
Side colors and prints, you can almost dare everything. However, avoid landing in a white dress, you could "hurt" the bride!
Find our chic ideas to shine in ceremony!

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