A sensor to spy on our tumors

A 2 millimeter device implanted directly into a cancerous tumor has been successfully tested in mice. Its objective: to analyze in real time the tumor, its progression or its regression, and to adapt more quickly the treatment according to the collected data.

Currently, MRI remains the gold standard for tumor size. And the biopsy, by analyzing cancerous tissue, shows the response to the treatment. With this futuristic sensor, cancer would unveil all its secrets without the need to go through these traditional exams, which require time and are expensive.

The device, tested in mice by Prof. Michael Cima's team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research in Boston, directly sends the data it collects to the cancer tissue. This is the measurement of two basic monitoring elements: pH (ie acidity of the medium) and dissolved oxygen. However, under the effect of chemotherapy, these elements fluctuate, making it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatments.

Since the system is considered reliable by the MIT team, researchers are now considering conducting tests on humans. Soon all patients equipped with a tumor tracer?

Source: MIT News

Video: Are Your Apps Spying On You? Talking Point. CNA Insider (January 2020).


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