Oh, are you listening to me?

Plan your smartphones the next time you have coffee with your mate or a friend. According to Sherry Turkle, the mere presence of a phone on the table can seriously disrupt your trade. In his last essay, Reclaiming Conversation ("Let's resume the conversation"), the American sociologist explains why: if a phone is in view, interlocutors will tend to address lighter and more superficial subjects, as reported on slate.fr. Since they know they can easily break the dialogue to answer a call or send a text message.

Not sure that you keep an emotional memory of your coffee break in these conditions. On the contrary, emphasizes Mrs. Turkle, if no connected object enters your field of vision, you will show greater listening and more empathy. She cites in her book a study for the least eloquent, conducted on children in summer camp. Those who had been deprived of smartphones were better able to read the emotions on the faces of their comrades than those who had kept them with them. In the family sphere, this obsession with "staying connected" would be even more devastating. Unable to capture the attention of their parents strumming on their phones, children do the same. And parents take advantage of the fact that their offspring are focused on writing text messages or playing videos to keep them busy too. A vicious circle ... we can go out following the example of Steve Jobs. The founder of Apple, who died in 2011, banned phones and tablets at the table so that he and his relatives talk about literature, history, or many other things.

Video: Is Your Phone Listening To You? (January 2020).


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