Surprise pouches full of mystery

You certainly know the "box". This parcel system allows you to receive surprise gifts. We pay a fixed price and we discover each month what's in the box. The goal is precisely to cause astonishment. After the cosmetics (Mylittlebox) and the tights (Gambettesbox), the concept does not stop to decline. We have selected three new boxes, to make you happy or offer them to your loved ones:

  • the most literary: the Kube

You do not know which novel of the season you're proud of? So, the Kube may be for you. After answering a comprehensive questionnaire on his tastes, his past readings and his favorite authors, we receive within twenty-four to forty-eight hours a book likely to keep us in suspense. In a nice little cardboard box and accompanied by bonus gifts (a small notebook, for example). It is an independent bookseller who chooses for you, based on your answers. As a bonus, we can determine its degree of surprise, on a scale from 0 to 10. Total cost of the operation: € 15, whatever the box shipped, shipping included. Preorders reopen on October 28th: ​​

  • the most trendy: the Designer Box

A wall clock by Matali Crasset, a golden window lamp made by the duo Aki and Arno Cooren, a soliflore with surprising curves resting on a marble base (Design MVW collective) ... With this box, we receive each month a realized object by an international designer, sent in a beautiful wooden box and accompanied by a magazine. All for € 33 to € 39 - depending on whether you subscribe for one, six or twelve months. A beautiful way to sow a design touch in its interior without making a mistake. More information on the website

  • most hygienic: Bioseptyl

And the most patriotic too! To revive, this manufacturer of toothbrushes (the last to make "made in France"!) Has decided to get into the box. No more wondering if his brush should end up in the trash. We receive a new one every three months, as recommended by dentists, or at shorter frequencies. Many models and colors are available. And it does not cost much more than to buy at the pharmacy: € 3.63 for the Dupont tricolor hair; € 2.43 for the Star, the most classic. What will you give back the smile. More information on the website

Video: I Found a FULL Sealed Box Underwater in the River! Contents Returned to Owners - Best Reaction!! (January 2020).


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