Shining: the labyrinth of terror recreated!

Stanley Kubrick fans will rejoice. The Stanley Hotel, which was used as a backdrop for Shining in Colorado, USA, has just been equipped with a green labyrinth.

In the horror movie, we see Jack Nicholson, in a fit of madness, chasing his son with an ax in his hand in this maze of shrubs. Guaranteed thrills! But if the feature film was shot in the hotel, this scene was recorded in a studio in London, since there was no labyrinth at the time, in the late 70s.

Stanley's new owner, John W. Cullen, decided to have one built. He launched a design contest at the beginning of the year, won by New York architect Mairim Dallaryan Standing. She drew a maze of cypresses one meter high - four times less than in the film - to prevent children from getting lost.

The establishment exploits thoroughly the notoriety that Shining brought to him. He employs a full-time fortune-teller. The 140 rooms broadcast the movie in a loop. The shop sells whiskey mugs and flasks with "Redrum" whiskey - a key word in the plot, which reads "murder" in reverse. The hotel even organizes a haunted ball and a "murder party" (role-playing like a giant Cluedo) for Halloween.

Video: 'Night Maze of Terror' Halloween labyrinth built in SLO (January 2020).


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