The site to go back in time

Relive in pictures the coronation of the Queen of England in 1953? On the occasion of 63 years of reign of Queen Elizabeth, it is possible. Thanks to Memo, a service of France Televisions that offers you to go back in time. From the beginnings of public service TV to the present day, it is possible to watch excerpts of programs or to relive great live moments: the first Stage 2 in 1975, the wrestling matches of The Little Prince in 1967, the adventures of Thierry the Fronde in 1963, The English plate of Bernard Rapp in 1987, but also Maigret, Belphegor, Saturday is yours, Thalassa... sixty years of memories pass under the mouse of the computer. We find with jubilation some credits that have marked the history of TV, like that of the Sequence of viewer, whose little music fills the salons of the French from 1953 to 1989. When you register on the site, you are asked to enter your date of birth, to propose a timeline that marks the major stages of your life. A service that serves strictly nothing to awaken the nostalgia of the past. And that's fine like that.

Video: I Wish I Remained Blind And Never Got My Sight Back (January 2020).


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