They create a functional kidney from stem cells

Here is new hope for people with kidney failure. Japanese researchers have succeeded in creating an artificial kidney from human stem cells. Until then, nothing extraordinary. Other scientists had already managed to do the same. But if the organs they had "manufactured" could filter the blood, they could not evacuate the urine extracted from the waste.

The team at Tokyo's Jikei University, led by Takashi Yokoo, has solved this problem. In addition to their kidney, they designed an artificial bladder, connected to the natural bladder. And there, bingo: urination becomes possible. This set "kidney + 2e bladder "has been successfully tested on mice and pigs.

For the moment, there has not yet been a test on humans and it will probably take a few years for the technique is really developed. But this discovery represents an advance for all those waiting for a graft. In 2014, 3,100 kidney transplants were performed in France, according to data from the Kidney Federation, but there were still 10 000 patients on the waiting list ...

Video: Regenerative Therapy for Kidney Failure - It Changed My Life! (January 2020).


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