Soon a universal vaccine against influenza?

A little like fashion every season, the flu virus is renewed every winter! This requires developing each year a different vaccine capable of adapting to strains in circulation. That's the reality of today. But tomorrow, we will undoubtedly benefit from a single vaccine protecting against all strains of influenza viruses. Indeed, two separate studies, recently published in the prestigious scientific journals Nature and Science, have just demonstrated the effectiveness of a universal vaccine that would provide better protection. A great step forward because we must not forget that the flu still kills between 1 500 and 2 000 people in France each year (and even up to 20 000 as in 2014 where there was an excess mortality of 18 000 cases) .

An advance certainly but that will ask us a little patience. The two teams of researchers, who worked independently, focused on the part of the virus that mutates the least. And for the moment, they tested their discovery only on animals (mice, ferrets and monkeys). If experts are rather confident, there are still clinical trials to evaluate the success of the formula on humans. Suffice to say that there is no urgency to go to the pharmacy in your neighborhood to order this sesame. Tomorrow, that sometimes means in a few years!

Video: Universal Flu Vaccine under development by Pitt, Sanofi Pasteur partnership (January 2020).


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