A pile completely shaken!

The flashlight that does not work when you need to go down to the cellar, the TV that refuses to light up at the time of our favorite program, the signal "low battery" that taunts us while it is Sunday and that the shops are closed ... we all lived these annoying situations where the batteries let go.

To finish with the classic AA batteries, to buy or recharge, a young French entrepreneur created Pilo. This new concept of electrical energy storage works thanks to a kinetic generator, without a chemical battery. In other words, for your small electrical device to work, it will soon be enough to shake it (only 3 times according to the designers). Its life span: about ten years. Smart and eco, we say bravo!

The Pilo stack is a project and is not yet commercialized. To follow the news of the brand and keep you informed of its launch, go to www.pilo.cool

Video: Roar - I Can't Handle Change (January 2020).


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