A site for the heads of linottes

The French do not have a head. In any case, this could be said in light of the figures: every year, SNCF customers forget about 250,000 objects in the trains. That's over 600 per day! Mobile phones, keys, bags, comforters make up the bulk of the troops inadvertently abandoned in the wagons. But SNCF has also secured 27 wheelchairs and 20 walkers since 2013.

Beyond the anecdote, the management of these goods is quite heavy for the railway company, which has set up a website to help orphan objects to find their owners, but also to declare what was lost during his trip: www.objets-trouves-sncf.com

We can do all the steps in a few clicks. You just have to fill out an online declaration: you describe the lost property, you specify the place and the date (with the number and the train times, it's better) and you leave your contact details to be notified if it is found. .

Make a cross on the chocolate bars or sausages gone astray. All perishable goods are systematically destroyed. Moreover, you have to react quickly: you have one month to recover your object from the moment it is found. After this period, it will be given to the Administration of the domains (institution which manages the real estate inheritance of the State), ceded to a charitable association or purely suppressed. And it's not totally free: you have to pay a restitution tax ranging from 5 € to 10 € (set up to finance the lost property service), plus the shipping costs if you opt for a home delivery.

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