We are redoing the film of our 80s

Ah, the shaky, a little greenish image and the breath of the good old VHS tape of the 80s! It had its charm. Admit that you feel a bit of nostalgia when you look at your old camcorder-era videos, when you wear epaulettes jackets and your husband a blue electric spencer. And that the cassette got tangled in the living room reader. It was the good time before the internet and TNT. The time when on TV, Gag video broadcast footage shot in VHS of people who broke their faces at the edge of their pool.

It is now possible to recreate this wonderful aesthetic universe (for haircuts, it's you who see), thanks to a small downloadable app on your smartphone. For € 3.99, VHS Camcorder transforms the videos shot with your phone into a vintage film with blotchy colors, rough definition and sound rotten. Like what, everything ends up becoming object of nostalgia, even the worst video format of all time.

Video: iconic vines that will never be forgotten (January 2020).


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