Lather your coffee, an art

A flower, a dog, a character of the Minions ... The milk coffee mousse can reveal wonders of fantasy. On the condition of mastering latte art, this art of creating works in the foam of a café au lait. And the technique is not acquired on a Monday unfortunately! To try to master the art of cappuccino like the Italian barmen, the famous baristas, we can always try to follow this online course of a French Canadian blogger (see video below). She guides, step by step, in a very pedagogical way.

And if the work of this fine foam seems inaccessible (we understand you), we go on Instagram and Facebook (no need to have an account, do not worry) to follow the work of artists of another kind, which sculpt the foam in an original way ... Just for the pleasure of the eyes this time!

Discover how to master the art of cappuccino in video:

Video: How to Foam Milk for a Latte 3 Ways - COFFEE BREAK SERIES. HONEYSUCKLE (January 2020).


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