Blondes in the wind

Drinking beer has never been so trendy ... A 52-year-old Israeli has developed a gluten-free blonde made from chickpeas and dates. Allergic to this ingredient, the man, sociologist of his state, has resolved to find an alternative to classic malty beverages. He first made it for his personal consumption, before opening a micro-brewery in Karmiel, in the north of the country. As gluten-free diets are in fashion, its mixture should be emulated. Especially since he found a shock formula: " Gluten intolerance is the only intolerance we tolerate In a state in permanent conflict with its Palestinian neighbor, the slogan will not fail to challenge.

In Belgium, we surf more on the green wave. Young Brussels entrepreneurs have decided to make the hunt wasteful: they have created a beer from unsold supermarket breads, "Babylon". Dried and ground, the loaves make it possible to obtain a flour which is mixed with barley malt. In ancient times, "siraku", considered the ancestor of beer, was well produced from spelled and barley patties dipped in water. Return to the sources and preservation of the planet: a cocktail certainly paying, even if it is tasted for the moment only in the bars and cellars of the flat country.

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