The chore of Korean grannies

They are amazing these twelve Korean grandmothers. They are between 60 and 90 years old. In the show Dancing Grandmothers, they jump, spin and go round on techno music or traditional tunes. Yet they are simple peasants, vendors or mothers. The eccentric choreographer Eun-Me Ahn, who famously orchestrated the opening ceremony of the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Daegu, traveled across the country to find them. She filmed all the grandmothers she met during her wanderings. And integrated these images into his ballet, in which these apprentice dancers rub shoulders with nine professionals.

As part of the year of Korea in France, they will see the country. After their performances at the Théâtre de la ville in Paris at the end of September, the Dancing Grandmothers will be on stage at the Opéra de Lille from October 15th to 17th, at Les Colonnes Square in Bordeaux on October 21st and 22nd at La Maison de la Danse. of Lyon on February 10 and 11, 2016 ... among others. Check on the official website, there may be other dates near you.

Video: Baikal Babushka. Songs of Life. Lyubov Morekhodova, the ice-skating Granny who went viral! Trailer (January 2020).


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