Surf the Internet with your eyes

How to check your emails and watch videos on YouTube when you're disabled and can not use a keyboard or a mouse? By using Headpilot! Developed by Starnav, a small Norman company located in Caen, this software allows to surf online with the eyes, without any manual contact. Once installed on his computer and using a webcam, he connects to the user. Just move your head to move the red circle - which replaces the small traditional arrow - or immobilize a few seconds to click on a link. A virtual keyboard, which appears on the screen, allows you to write messages or to search the Internet. The software, distributed under the Accessman brand for individuals, costs € 349. But companies and public services are also very interested. The town hall of Fleury-sur-Orne, near Caen in Calvados, is one of the first to be equipped this summer. Its portal public offers navigation with Headpilot (without having to pay anything). The Basse-Normandie region followed suit at the end of September for its own site. Others should not be late in following their examples.

Video: Hippie Sabotage - In Your Eyes (January 2020).


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