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Traveling with his personal photographer is the new fad in the US. Travel agencies offer all-inclusive stays of a new kind: a professional photographer accompanies us to immortalize the most beautiful moments of our journeys. Every morning, he shows the pictures of the day before, and on his return, he is a dream album ...

Thanks to them, no more blurry photos, long shots, taken from life. Everything is beautiful in the land of Bisounours, rain or shine, or you have not slept all night. The only thing missing is the stylist and the hairdresser!

This type of service does not exist yet with us, but could well happen with the craze for selfies and the desire to always be on the scene - in its best light of course - on social networks. In the United States, the latest craze for the image is called the "selfie divorce". Or how to photograph with his spouse, all smiles, freshly separated but so happy ... They are blurry these Americans!

Video: A Holiday in a Day (January 2020).


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