Make friends with Osiris

Everyone knows the god Osiris, but what do you really know about the history of this ancient Egyptian king? Would you find out what his brother's name is, who, jealous of his happiness, kills him? Do you know what elements the priest needs for the Mystery Ceremony?

If you do not have the opportunity to visit "Osiris, the sunken mysteries of Egypt", one of the exhibitions of the moment (to see the Institute of the Arab world of Paris until the end of January), one challenges you to answer the questions surrounding the divine legend. How? By following the fun path set up on this dedicated site, totally free. We have fun playing and we review his knowledge of Egyptian civilization.

Obviously, it makes you want to see the exhibition in real life ... This event reveals 250 objects found during underwater excavations conducted for seven years by Franck Goddio, archaeologist and curator of the exhibition, in the Bay of Aboukir. One can also discover some forty unique works, some of which are coming out of Egypt for the first time.

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And to play with Osiris, it's here:

Video: Osiris & Riff - Dog and Rat Friends Playing - Valentine's Day 2016 (January 2020).


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