Driving without hands

It is not only the Google because to claim the title of car of the future. The internet giant is obviously the pioneer of the car without a driver, but the car industry is in the starting blocks. And is closely interested in these autonomous vehicles that could revolutionize the market (and our habits) in the years to come.

The PSA group is already testing, in real conditions, a C4 equipped with sensors and all the technological innovations that allow the driver to turn into a passenger. The car was allowed to drive a few kilometers on a national and the experience went well.

In the Netherlands also, we are about to test the WEpod, a vehicle also guided by GPS, which will connect two cities of about ten kilometers. The WEpod has no steering wheel or control of any kind and can carry six passengers - a kind of microbus that will move at a speed of 25 km / h.

From a technological point of view, much more does not seem to oppose the commercialization of these machines. Even if some technical points remain to be solved, like the reception of the GPS under the bridges and in the tunnels.

In France, it will also be necessary to modify the code of the road which requires that the driver of a car has the hands on the steering wheel (what a funny idea ...). What could be done by 2018.

Video: How to Drive without arms (January 2020).


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