And now, we are getting off!

The wave of selfies may take the water. The trend that is emerging on social networks is to take his feet in pictures and not his face. Not on fan-toed mode at the edge of a sandy beach - which is nothing original, for once. But in a more classy way. The German photographer Sebastian Erras for example has made a very colorful series on Parisian tiles (see his Instagram account). Its lustrous derbies and striped sneakers bring a really playful touch to the mosaics and checks of the capital.

We knew that taking pictures with your phone has already caused more deaths this year than shark attacks. And the "belfie" - the "later" version of the selfie - is reserved for acrobats who enjoy a beautiful rump. So few people, actually. Also, snapshots of petons certainly have more future. If you want to try it, a rule of thumb: let only his feet appear in the frame, preferably centered at the bottom. This avoids the magnifying glass effect not at all glamorous dive on the thighs. And we can even match his "tatanas" to what we photograph. Like Tal Spiegel. This pastry chef, also of German origin and obviously very greedy, immortalizes the most sublime desserts he finds in Paris.

Here is a tantalizing taste:

Instagram @ desserted_in_paris

Your turn ?

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