Sleep in beautiful clothes

The Palace of Versailles transformed into a luxury hotel? No, you're not dreaming. The former royal residence launched a call for tenders this summer to build a hotel in its walls, in three buildings now abandoned. While waiting to catch Marie-Antoinette - probably not before 2017 - we can also sleep in other monuments steeped in history.

Our selection :

  • In a Hotel-Dieu in Marseille. A few steps from the Old Port, the Intercontinental chain has restored for three years this old hospital to turn it into an establishment worthy of its 5 stars. With a view of the Good Mother as a bonus, from one of the suites or the large terrace.
  • In a former courthouse In Nantes. Radisson Blu could not do more brilliant for its 4-star hotel. The former temple of justice, located in the city center, has been renovated to include 142 rooms. Repainted in white, the audience room hosts a very contemporary gourmet restaurant.
  • In a Vauban fortress in Belle-Ile. Stone walls, old tapestries and without doubt one of the most beautiful panoramas on the port of the Palace. Far from its military past, the Citadelle Vauban (unclassified) marries charm and authenticity.

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