Our personal messages displayed in the street, a good idea?

You have a message ... at the exit n ° 16! After breaks by SMS or email (which are growing in popularity), divorce selfies (where couples are staged on social networks, happy that they are finally separated), and if the new trend was to pass the bad (or good) news via billboards that abound on the roadsides?

Lisa, a visibly betrayed and slightly "irritated" Englishwoman, addressed her ironic separation message to her husband on an XXL sign, placed on the path he takes every morning to get to the office. It said, "To my unfaithful husband, Paul, you are made for each other, and when you get home I will not be here - enjoy your drive to the office." She would have paid a few hundred euros for this broadcast in full view of all for three hours, according to the Dailymail. The ad even found a second life on social networks, photographed or tweeted by women in solidarity. Funny staging ... that would almost appreciate the acidulous version (even gnangnan) messages posted on the occasion of Valentine's Day on the bright panels of our cities!



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