When the pee is lying, it's strong

You really want to pee? Wait. If you have a big story to tell, now is the time to do it before going to relieve yourself. In any case, this is what the conclusions of a California State University study entitled "Controlling the bladders make better liars" claim. In VF: controlling your bladder helps to lie better. This is a very strange object of investigation, but the affair seems all that is serious. A little lie goes better with a big desire.

Why ? How? After studying concrete cases, researchers have determined that the liar who wants to go to the corner is more adept at fooling his interlocutor because it goes to the basics. Focused on his pressing need, he does not bother with these invented and unconvincing details that make the lies fail. Tests were carried out on people who were asked to drink various amounts of water and to restrain themselves while telling stories. Conclusion: the more they wanted, the more their speech seemed credible. It remains to be seen whether this study has any interest. It may be necessary to ask the authors. Without giving them something to drink.


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