The shop where everything is free

Siga, Siga looks like a shop like any other: its window invites to enter, we wander between the shelves ... But when it comes to finding a price, nothing. No label, no cash, no money. Here, everything is free. The concept of this shop managed by the association "The shop without money": everyone can come to serve (without paying any registration) and leave with the objects of his choice: dishes, small appliances ... And as soon as possible, we play the game and bring its objects or clothes in good condition (which do not require repair) and which we no longer useful. The association, which does not lack ideas, organizes other events on the same principle of free elsewhere in Ile-de-France. Before you grow siga siga (slowly, gradually in Greek) and spread all over the territory, hopefully!

Siga, Siga
181 avenue Daumesnil, Paris XII
Boutique open Monday to Saturday from 10h to 13h and 14h to 18h.


Video: I Opened The World's First FREE Store (January 2020).


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