Sleep more to enjoy more!

It is said that appetite comes with eating. We can now add that desire and pleasure come in sleep. No, you are not dreaming, all this is very serious. According to a US study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicinesleeping an hour longer would have a significant impact on women's libido. To reach this conclusion, the researchers analyzed the sleep of 171 of them for 14 nights. After analyzing their responses to a questionnaire, they found that this simple 60-minute rest bonus increased the chance of having sex the next day by 14%. Better still, they also noted that these ladies enjoyed a better vaginal lubrication!

Such a revelation has thrilled us because we had not imagined that by putting ourselves in fine sheets, staying nine hours and sleeping soundly, we offered the best, simplest and cheapest of aphrodisiacs! As much simplicity makes us almost touch the ecstasy. Not to mention that this study gives us an additional argument to stimulate our companions to give us a helping hand for housework. With a suggestion in concrete: honey, I let you do the dishes, I go to bed to stimulate my libido!

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