Composing in chorus

Becoming Paul McCartney, finally almost, is possible thanks to Crowdsound, an experience that offers Internet users to contribute to the development of a melody. The principle is simple. On a frame of chords (do / sol / the minor / fa, on 18 measures), one is invited to vote for each note of the melody. As soon as the quorum of votes is reached (50 in a verse, 100 in the chorus), the note is added to the score line. For those who can not read the music, each tone is represented by a different color. Started at the end of August, the piece is still being worked on. We can listen to him, and bring his personal note, on Do not expect a new one Hey Judebut rather to one of those pieces of the Rose Method with which millions of aspiring pianists took their first steps on the piano, or Elton John under Lexomil. But, failing to be stunning, the melodic writing does not involve inconsistencies. That's not bad. It's your turn ?

Video: Composing For Choir With Eric Whitacre (January 2020).


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