33 rounds and then comes back

Have you relegated your old records and the turntable of your chain to the attic? Error ... The good old 33 rpm is back in force. A moment promised to a certain death with the advent of the CD, this beautiful object has never completely disappeared. Used by DJs, appreciated by many lovers of music for its dynamic sound, collected for its aesthetic value, he saw his sales go up little by little, as the public turned away from the CD, expensive object and without charm bundled in its hideous crystal box. So much so that this year, the sale of LP (long players, the American term for the 33 laps), reached 9.2 million, or more than 40% since early 2015. This sector of activity of the music industry has proven to be more profitable than the free streaming platforms (Spotify, YouTube and other Vevo), yet themselves growing. At the same time, the CD shrank by 30%. In England too, vinyl sales have exploded this year, exceeding one million. In France, record stores report sales figures that are constantly rising. Admittedly, we are far from the figures of the golden age of before the internet, where records were sold by the millions, but this renewed interest can only delight the amateurs of good sound. So, what are we waiting for to come down the attic chain?

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