The tablet that talks to the doctor

The observance of treatments, a real headache when suffering from chronic diseases: 6 out of 10 patients do not respect the instructions of their doctor (forgetfulness, non-compliance with doses ...). Not to mention patients with mental illnesses or cognitive decline, who are sometimes unable to accurately inform specialists about taking their treatments.

And if the solution was a connected capsule, who would monitor us on a daily basis? It can lend to smile, yet it is soon. After years of research and clinical trials, two US companies, Proteus Digital and Otsuka Pharmaceutical, are awaiting the approval of the very strong Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to bring the world's first connected drug to market. Abilify, an existing antidepressant, will have a sensor, built into the tablet itself. It will send information to a second sensor present in a patch stuck to the patient's skin. This device will allow the doctor, via his smartphone, to monitor in real time the intake (or not!) Of the drug, and possibly adjust its treatment. After the electronic pillboxes, the apps that remind us of the time of taking ... would you be ready to test these capsules of the future?

Video: "Tablet of Medicine" a Talk by Dr. Vahid Rafati (January 2020).


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