Play against oblivion

Will you be as fast as Ayumu? This chimpanzee, a resident of the Primate Research Institute of the University of Tokyo, is able to memorize in a few seconds a table with nine digits (from 1 to 9), and then put them in the right boxes once the screen erased. You are challenged to do as well. Just log on to to test your velocity at this set of numbers without letters.

The B2V Observatory of memories, which supports research in the field, has designed this platform as a large virtual and interactive exhibition, with the help of a collective of Etienne's creators. We can also enjoy watching two sets of 12 faces and try to recognize them among 48 clichés - including many impostures. Or test its ability to find its way by following directions. More explanatory pages help to better understand the mechanisms of memorization. And to discover, among other things, that a sea turtle will always come back to nest on the beach where it was born, even after thirty years of sea voyage, or that an elephant can identify a congener more than twenty years after having lost it of view. In short, there is something to trick boredom.

Video: The Elder Scrolls Travels: Stormhold, Dawnstar, Oblivion Elder Scrolls on your phone! (January 2020).


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