Surf without wave to the soul

Surfing on a calm sea, even on a river, it is now possible, thanks to this board equipped with an electric motor, which allows to obtain the sensations of the glide without rollers. The idea is not to go against the walls of water in Hawaii or even Hossegor, but rather to walk as well in the lagoon of Venice as the Florida Everglades or Lake Geneva. Feats more plan-plane than those of Kelly Slater, but the prospect of pretty walks all in curved trajectories as can be seen on the video below. The price ? A peccadillo ... for 14,000 unfortunate euros, you can realize the dream of Brice de Nice, the surfer who was waiting for the wave that never came. A hobby reserved for lovers of skiing with a nice wallet, all the same.

Video: Soul Surfer Surfing for the first time after the attack (January 2020).


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