Ready to adopt a student?

A senior and a young person under the same roof, it allows to share the expenses and a beautiful slice of life. According to a Harris Interactive poll for, 74% of French people are in favor of intergenerational roommates. From there to jump in, that's another story. But 19% still consider it in the medium term, and even 5% in the short term.

With rising rents in large cities, the formula is flourishing. Allowing some to stay at a lower cost or even free in exchange for a very regular presence, and others to break their isolation while avoiding going through the "retirement home". It has become such a social issue that cinema seizes it. In L'Étudiante and Monsieur Henri, a film released in cinemas on October 7, Claude Brasseur resolves, at the insistence of his son, to share his apartment with a student ... he tries to throw in the arms of his offspring . Without going that far, would you be willing to rent a room to a "youngster"? Or to cohabit with other singles of your generation? In Nanterre, we found a group of retired people, active people of all ages and students living under the same roof. In all flexibility. A report to read in the first issue of Serengo, on newsstands from October 26.

Video: Mark Wahlberg Surprises Viral Adoption Family (January 2020).


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