Toutous gadgets: we are taken for pigeons?

Do you know Petcube? No ? If you believe its designers, it's a device that should revolutionize the life of the happy pet owner you are. This is actually a cubic camera that you leave connected from your home. With an app on your smartphone, you can monitor your cat or dog (it's less useful when you have a goldfish), play with him (the camera is equipped with a laser pointer to distract Mirza), talk to him remotely (ideal for ridicule in public) and even take pictures of him to broadcast on social networks. How is that stupid? It is true that spending 239 euros to watch his cat do his needs while we are in Monoprix is ​​not necessarily a priority expense at the time of the third supply - finally it's you who see. Yet the market tends to flood us with products that play on our - legitimate - feelings for our furry friends. Petcube is probably the most sophisticated, but not the first model of animal surveillance camera. And that's not all. Buddy is another great advancement of human progress and animal comfort. It is a connected collar that allows you to locate the lost dog, but also to measure his physical activity to "determine the best diet (...) through an integrated database". Yes. It really exists. But the best is yet to come: thanks to their collar connected to the thermostat, our friends can now adjust the temperature of your home if they are too hot or too cold. If you have a St. Bernard, your apartment will surely never be heated more than 9 degrees. Nice no? Even the French technology is at the rendezvous with Wekiki, a Buddy competitor less sophisticated - it is not equipped with an accelerometer or a temperature sensor, it sucks.

Cats, rest assured, are not forgotten. Coming from England, the computer for kitty is a perfectly useless gadget that will clutter your living room but will delight your fellow hair. The mouse of this computer for feline looks like a real rodent and our kitty will be claws on the trackpad. No, it does not litter.

It remains to invent the bowl that speaks, the cushion that loses weight and detox croquettes. It should not be long.

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