A forgotten historian is reborn on YouTube

Henri Guillemin. This name will probably tell something to history buffs, not much to others. On YouTube, the Swiss TV shows of this historian disappeared in 1992, make a real case. With this man with square glasses that soliloquy face camera, it is however not in modern formats. Badly seen by the French establishment, represented at the time by André Castelot or Alain Decaux, he had exiled on the Helvetian side to tell the story in his own way. With the desire to deconstruct the myths, to undermine the official story, the one he learned himself at school and whose "good-thinking" pushed him to a kind of intellectual revolt. This bias won him at the time a form of disgrace. Even today it is disputed by some who see him as a leftist, which he is not. But he has a surprising posthumous success among Internet users, who spend hours watching his stories. The series of lectures filmed on Petain and the rise of fascism in France has tens of thousands of views. Initially a specialist of the nineteenth century, it covers all subjects, from Joan of Arc to Robespierre via the Dreyfus affair. To discover.

Video: Ice Age Venus Figurines of the Eurasian Continent (January 2020).


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