The apartment of the future, ultra-comfort

How to make life easier for seniors on a daily basis and promote their autonomy? By adapting their housing. You can do this with a few simple and inexpensive tips, without the interior necessarily looking like a hospital room.

The social protection group AG2R La Mondiale proposes to visit, piece by piece, a show apartment full of tips and advice to have a more comfortable, safe accommodation. This 500 m² space located in Paris, called "Bien chez moi", is open to all, free of charge.

Many conferences and practical workshops, on various topics and varied, are also organized every month, on the spot. Only condition of access: prior registration. Upcoming conferences: Preserving your back to live well in everyday life, The right attitude to have in case of fire, Troubleshooting and canvassing at home, etc. Information and registration on

If you can not get there, here are some ideas to follow:

  • install luminaires with motion triggers in the entrance, to illuminate this often dark area
  • stick your carpets on the ground to avoid any risk of falling
  • avoid wires that wander around rooms: attach cables to the wall or invest in cable trays
  • Enhance household appliances that are used in everyday life: fridge, microwave, washing machines, etc.
  • install an accessible housing in bed to illuminate the room with a "click"
  • in the bathtub, opt for grab bars, they are now available in colors ...

Ideas space Well at home
7, Cité Paradis - 75010 Paris
Such. : 01 71 72 58 00

Video: New Smart Home Tour (January 2020).


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