Live my Martian life

He is only twenty-five years old and he will spend a year locked up in this dome of 140 m2 on the island of Hawaii. In scuba, without direct contact with the outside, taking only one shower a week and eating exclusively dehydrated food. It does not really dream ... But Cyprien Verseux signed right away. This French astrobiologist is one of six volunteers who participate since August 28 in a mission to simulate what could be the life of an astronaut on Mars, organized by NASA.

Goal : avoid seeing red, already. Conflicts had erupted in a previous eight-month mission. And they are hard to avoid when people live confined for so long. So that they do not have too much time to gamble, the six new recruits will engage in experiments during their year of imprisonment. Cyprien Verseux and his roommates (a German and four Americans) will come out from time to time, as if they were really exploring the new planet. And they can also send emails to their loved ones. But for the experience to be as realistic as possible, it takes a good twenty minutes for messages to arrive at their destination. Almost 56 million kilometers separate Mars from the Earth!

Video: The Curious Life of a Mars Rover. Nat Geo Live (January 2020).


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