The good idea: The extra-flat gourd

We know that we must drink and re-fill all day long (water of course) but we do not necessarily spend our days near a spring, a tap or a refrigerator. So, we raise our glass and toast to the stylish and smart idea of ​​two young Australians: the MemoBottle. These creators, who are interested in sustainable products, have designed and marketed an elegant slim design bottle that seriously competes with small bottles that drag around everywhere but are not ecological, economic or aesthetic! Their project, first proposed on a crowdfunding platform, has quickly won the support of Internet users. It must be said that the object has everything to please. His chic and futuristic look and his good green spirit (it is reusable to infinity) seduced us. But it is especially its format super smart, copied on that of the paper (A4, A5 and letter), which convinced us. You can slip the MemoBottle into any purse or computer bag, stall between two folders ... And obviously, it goes in the dishwasher. A nice little gift to offer or afford but only available on ($ 25 in A5 + shipping). Come on, health!

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